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Liam Krebbers and Dr. Kheirkhah presenting at the APS-DFD, Indianapolis. November 2022.
Sina and Liam.jpg
Leslie Saca defends her thesis. May 2022
Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 11.15_edited.jpg
Canadian Section of the Combustion Institute, Spring technical meeting, Edmonton. May 2023.
CICS 2023.jpg
Group sushi night. September 2022
Real sushi/Panjabi night in a Zoom meeting. May 2020.
Laser arrow passing through the heart flame! April 2021. 
Sajjad and Leslie.jpg
Okanagan lake cruise, Combustion Institute Canadian Section meeting, Kelowna, Summer of 2019.
Sushi and ice-cream night, Downtown Kelowna, Summer of 2019.
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