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Welcome to our laboratory webpage!
Our laboratory is developing technology, tools, and knowledge for future energy- and aerospace-related applications. We are closely collaborating with Canadian and international partners. Browse this webpage to find out more about our projects, findings, and research opportunities.
June 2022, Congratulations to CPPL for having our first U.S. Patent Application filed. Well done Sajjad and Leslie! Contact Dr. Kheirkhah, if you are an energy-related company that would like to reduce your carbon footprint by safely burning hydrogen!

May 2022, Hamoun Nabilou is joining CPPL for his Master's program. We are excited to have him onboard. Very welcome Hamoun!

May 2022, Congratulations to Liam Krebbers for joining CPPL for the summer! Liam, very welcome to the team!

May 2022, Congratulations to Leslie Saca for successfully defending her Master's thesis. Well done Leslie!

March 2022, Congratulations to Sajjad for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis! Very well done Sajjad. We are more than happy to have Sajjad joining as a PDF too, starting April 1! A lot to hear on Sajjad's postdoc projects and findings.

December 2021, Are you a motivated and a recently graduated Ph.D.? CPPL has a postdoc position available for spray combustion of sustainable aviation fuels. Your project will be completed in close collaboration with materials and computer scientists. If you are interested, email Dr. Kheirkhah your CV.

December 2021, Congratulations to Leslie for having her paper accepted for presentation in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Very well done Leslie!

November 2021, Are you interested about doped combustion? Well, Sepehr is giving a talk in the American Physical Society- Division of Fluid Dynamics online. Check it out here.

October 2021, Congratulations to Sepehr Mosadegh for his paper on droplet combustion just published in Combustion and Flame! Very well done Sepehr!

August 2021, Are you interested to know what is next in turbulent premixed combustion science? Check Dr. Kheirkhah's review paper.

July 2021, Congratulations to Deepanshi Sisodiya for successfully defending her M.A.Sc. thesis. Well done Deepanshi and thanks to her co-supervisor Dr. Brinkerhoff! Link to Deepanshi's thesis is here.

May 2021, Congratulations to Vladimir Shevliakov and Andre Terrein, two of our own undergraduate students, for joining our lab.

April 2021, Congratulations to Sajjad for having two of his papers just accepted in Combustion and Flame as well as Flow, Turbulence and Combustion. Very well done Sajjad! Watch out for the CNF paper... We wrestled with an 80-year-old question in combustion science.

April 2021, Congratulations to Ramin for his paper just published in Combustion Science and Technology!

March 2021, Congratulations to Mr. Ali Rostami for joining our lab. Very welcome Ali!

March 2021, Congratulations to Sahar for successfully defending her thesis.

November 2020, CPPL has a new Ph.D. position available for non-reacting spray dynamics. Please send your CV and transcripts to Dr. Kheirkhah.

November 2020, Congratulations to Sajjad, Morales, Deepanshi, and Sahar for presenting their work in the American Physical Society-Division of Fluid Dynamics. Find their talks here​.

November 2020, Congratulations to Mr. Zejia Xu for joining our lab as a Master's student. Welcome Zejia!

October 2020, Ramin did an excellent job of defending his thesis. Very well done and best wishes Ramin!

October 2020, Congratulations to Sahar for having her paper accepted in the journal of Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science! Read more about her work here.

September 2020, Congratulations to Sajjad for his paper being accepted in Combustion and Flame! Read about his work here. Well done!