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Flames are hot (or heart)!

This is a photograph of a 532 nm laser sheet passing through a partially premixed flame. Thanks to Mr. Sam Charles from the School of Engineering for taking this photo. Setup and diagnostics were put together by Leslie and Sajjad. Thanks to them as well!

Vortices never get old!

It is pleasant to watch how vortices are formed, merged, and split in both reacting and non-reacting flows. Below are two pictures of the wake of an oscillating cylinder that traces elliptic trajectories. The Planar Laser Induced Fluorescence technique was used to acquire these images. This work was completed at the University of Waterloo's fluid mechanics research laboratory in 2011 by Dr. Kheirkhah.

Dancing Flames

Flames are even more fun with vortices. Below is a Mie scattering image (left) and a vorticity contour (right) of a turbulent methane-air premixed flame. This work was completed at the University of Toronto's combustion and propulsion laboratory in 2015 by Dr. Kheirkhah.
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